Thursday, September 20, 2012


Trica wrote a comment to my last post asking "how do they keep getting elected?"  Well, I think it is because of  knee-jerk voters - hey automatically vote a certain party or they hear something they don't like, never look into the truth of it and vote based on that.

As the Romney campaign falters (some say dies), the polls are rising in President Obama's favor. They have also been rising  for other democrat candidates. I hope that it is because of their wonderful convention speeches and the focus on the positive rather than the negative which the GOP seems determined to project.

I also hope, as the polls continue to favor the President, that he spreads the positive energy out on the road in support of other Democratic candidates.  Perhaps voters will see that the President is going to be re-elected and do what they can to make the second term more effective - which is to put a congress in place that actually wants to get things done.


knittergran said...

Someone on MSNBC opined that if Obama wins a second term, the Rs will be open to getting things done because they won't be focussed on his NOT getting another term. He can't have a third.
Let's hope we get to find out.

hokgardner said...

Yeah, I'd like to think that will happen. But given that Tom Coburn just had a temper tantrum about how Congress doesn't get anything done and then voted down a jobs bill for veterans, I'm not too hopeful.

It's a shame to be so cynical. I blame Dick Cheney.