Friday, March 8, 2013


1.)  I had a job interview on Tuesday. It went well until the GM entered the picture and focused exclusively on something that was given 1 line in the very long ad full of duties and qualifications.  EXCEL.  My nemesis.  From his perspective that part was a big deal, though the ad listed either Excel or Quickbooks.  So I doubt I will get a call back because I can't suggest any proficiency with Excel beyond simple record keeping.

 I would take the time to go to classes if I thought I actually wanted to learn to use it!!

2.)  I wrote about our bike ride last weekend and Tom has already made a plan for another one on Saturday when the weather is supposed to be nice again.  Last night he reminded me that I am not to tell people off for breaking rules of the road. 

Generally I am very live and let live so when I pointed out to one woman who was ON THE PHONE while wobbling along the trail that what she was doing is illegal and I also pointed out that we stay to the right on the path when a young man was cutting us off trying to ride to the left side of the trail;  I wasn't shrill, I didn't yell or anything - just matter of fact.  Maybe the kid was from another country or the woman didn't know the same rules apply to bicycles as to cars? Seems like someone should try to let them know.

Or maybe I'm just turning into a cranky old bag.

3.)  Got my hair cut the other day.  Up off my shoulders again.  No one has made comment which suggests that it was not a good choice.  I'll see if  can get a photo ofthe new look.

4.)  Zac may be coming home for a visit this weekend.  He is having a tough time right now and I hope a trip home will help make him feel better about things.

5.)  If there was any question that there is a huge disconnect between that what is good for Wall Street being good for Main Street I think we need only look at the financial news this week.  Record highs on the stock market making record profits for the insiders and other fat cats and the rest of us still struggling mightily.  I wish that the Occupy movement hadn't been taken over by the anarchists and crazies because we sure need a continuing voice for the 99% of us.


knittergran said...

I keep trying-my previous comments have come back with a message that you are not a customer of whatever. But I liked your bicycle post-there's nothing here of interest to see on a bike ride, at least not one I'm in shape for. Too many hills.
Have fun this weekend!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I say things to people all the time. It annoys my husband all the time. Thankfully, he's not the boss of me. I do try to smile while I say it.

Pay somebody $50 to teach you Excel. They can't yell at you if you're giving them money. It's a valuable tool and you really can't afford to not know it. It's what I did cause the writing was on the wall and I do find it a great tool. One-on-one tutoring is the way to go though. I can't stand classes for stuff like this.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, my wife wrestles with excel at work too "must control fists of death"

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I should probably have my husband teach me Excel. I use if for some things but not for math/bookkeeping.

Other people are why I don't use those wonderful bike trails when other people are out en force.