Monday, March 18, 2013


We went on a short bike ride this Saturday - too many chores and other things going on for a long ride.  We looped around our local sports park and got very nostalgic for the many years were were in the stands for softball and baseball games.  There was a softball tournament going on and hearing the girls chanting from the dugouts was so fun. Then we rode over to the tennis park and watched the little kids having lessons.  A big day for remembering raising athletic kids in the 'burbs.

Tom took my photo because I am finally wearing the Penn Rowing shirt that I bought in 2006 when Maggie first went away to college and was on the rowing team.  Although it was sized a 2X - I never could fit into it until now that I am a size 16.  In fact, we also went to the sporting goods store and bought bike shorts for me (the ones with the strategically located padding) and I was thrilled to find that I fit in the medium size - though the pair I bought were a large and a little less expensive since my size keeps changing.


smalltownme said...

You look great!

michiganme said...

Wow! You in the red shirt standing in sunshine make for a great picture!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Great photo. You look happy and healthy.