Saturday, May 11, 2013


I love my new job!  I am, however, really tired after each day.  I suppose it is all the effort put into learning the new tasks and making such an effort to put all the pieces together to make the procedures fall in line in my mind.  When that happens, I am sure I will not be falling into bed at 9:30 each night!

In the meantime I know the world is turning and things are going on which I have not tuned into.  I am getting my usual dozens of political action e-mails each week and just deleting them unread.  I did want to comment on something I saw on the morning news this week.

Not actually endorsed by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz was being interviewed.  He explained that all those products out there which claim to be endorsed using his name and likeness without permission to sell all kinds of stuff.  All this time I have made the assumption that he had really sold out - when in fact, he has not endorsed a single product.

It is pretty sad that we have come to this point as a capitalistic society that a doctor, albeit a celebrity doctor, can have his name and likeness stolen by a company to sell their products.  And as he said in the interview - if they will go to such lengths to make their products appear legitimate - just how safe might they be??  When his legal team has gone after these companies, they just fold up their tent and then re-surface with a new name and "product."  But because Dr. Oz has such a huge following, people are caught up in the schemes and are put in danger by using these products.

These gals make 3.2 million a year from their endorsments

He has launched a campaign called "It's Not Me"  and reports that he has teamed up with Google, Facebook and other large “internet vendors” to address this issue.

I did a brief search and found some commentors pointing out that Dr. Oz does talk about some supplements, herbs and products on his show.  He always makes the disclaimer that these should be used under a doctor's supervision but we all know if he talks about it in a positive manner, people are going to feel safe taking it.  To some degree, he is contributing to the "Oz Boost" of product sales based on his coverage, just as Oprah and other celebrities have been known to create.


Jenny Hart Boren said...

I saw that, too! I had gotten to the point where I automatically ignored anything connected to Dr Oz. I wasted mental minutes thinking he was a money grubbing sell-out. For that, I'm sorry: he was a victim of his own success.

But even when I hear-and see- the words coming out of his mouth, it's probably raspberry ketone hogwash. What if HE IS endorsing some supplement or product? Sorry again, Doc. It's ruined for me now. My inner skeptic says NOPE.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't really follow Dr. Oz, but I had the same thoughts you did--although fleeting. This is disconcerting information.

shrink on the couch said...

So those Dr. Oz stomach burning pills DO work? Is that what you're saying? ;)