Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Years ago when Facebook was opened up to non-college kids, I signed up (with the "permission" of my kids) so we could exchange photos and greetings.  After a while they stopped using it much and I never did use it for much so I closed the account.  Then last year my high school reunion committee started a page for our year and used it to track people down and communicate about the reunion - so I signed up again.

I have been a little bit more active on FB this time around.  I read it every day or so and post occasionally.  It is a big source of info for my Rodan & Fields consulting and I run across stuff posted by my kids now and again.  There are also things posted by some of the high school contingent which I don't enjoy and have "unfriended" some of the right wing political posters and I'm a bit tired of the posts of grandchildren, random nostalgia from the 60's and 70's and religious stuff.  I think I need to do another "friend" purge.

Do other people do this, too?  Or do you just accept all the friend requests and go along with whatever is posted?  Does it make me intolerant that I am not interested in wading through religious tracts while scrolling through FB?

And what about the girlfriend who broke up with my darling son, broke his heart and is now posting photos of herself with other guys (while still living in his apartment)?  Yeah.  She got unfriended today.  I managed to stay sweet to her for 3 months and now I am done with knowing what she is up to.

On the other hand, this month I learned about 2 of my old friends who are retiring, saw my daughter all dolled up wearing a hat at the race track and got to congratulate another friend for getting her long worked for license to practice as a psychologist. So there is still a lot of value in hanging around on FB. 


Jenny Hart Boren said...

I'm sure plenty of the kids (!) did decamp as FB filled up with our generation, but I think a lot of them just got too busy (a good thing, right?) to mess with it. On to the next new thing. I like keeping in touch with my kids' friends and none of them has to keep ME on their lists, if they'd rather not. No hard feelings.

As for me, I seldom actually unfriend anyone, except in situations where I really object, (like that ex-girlfriend situation) or I'd rather someone NOT know what I'm doing. I simply "hide" the ones who post endless religious/tasteless/other party/ page-fillers. If I do want to get back in touch or look at pictures of the newest grandchild, I don't have to start over.

My 91 year old mother still logs on, and being able to look at pictures of her many (many!) grandchildren is wonderful--and they like knowing Grandma Ruth gets to see them!

Sure, lots of the stuff that shows up on FB is annoying junk, but I see so many interesting "shares" that I probably would never search out on my own. I must be lucky--my funny, clever friends outweigh the dullards 10:1.

cookingwithgas said...

it is like anything in life, you get what you want out of it, ignore the rest. I find it easy to follow family and friends and leave others behind.

Nan said...

There is an in between. Change the settings so stuff from "friends" you don't care much about doesn't show up as often or install a filter like Social Fixer that will block anything that has certain key words in it.

smalltownme said...

I sometimes hide posts if they bother me, but I've only unfriended one person (high school classmate) -- because I couldn't stand her racist remarks.

Tricia said...

It's just me I am sure..... but what ever happened to the art of reading people face to face. And I am not talking about reading people so you can sell them something or con them out of something.....I mean the normal social things where if someone says something a bit off, there is a silence or a look and they know that they need to edit. Do we now have to hit everyone over the head and say "you are being socially unacceptable"!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I had to come up with a way to keep in touch without wanting to pull my hair out. So far, I've only needed to unfriend one person because of her offensive posts; however, I have hidden some people due to things on which they choose to focus. I also keep lists and I only check a few of those on a regular basis. Blogging friends and local friends are my go-to lists whenever I log on to facebook.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I rarely unfriend, but do hide posts from certain people. It just makes life easier and with less drama. Really though, with your son's former girlfriend, un-friending seems the way to go. You don't need her knowing what your family is up to.