Monday, June 3, 2013


I finally decided that the reason I have been so tired is in part due to seasonal allergies.  There is something
in our area which pollinates in May that gets to me.  This year it has been unusually hot and windy, so I have been exceptionally affected by the pollens.  I have been taking Claritin and some other allergy OTC's but I probably waited too long to start.  Got to get ahead of the sniffles to work best.

Where we live there are "micro climates" and though I work less than 5 miles from home, I am much more stuffy and sneezy at work.  At home I love to leave the doors open to let fresh jasmine scented air circulate through the house, but I stopped doing that on the worst days in order to keep the pollens outside.

I read that allergies are worse around the country due to climate change - it has caused Spring to start earlier and the warm seasons to last longer into the fall.  This is most true in the northern states which in the past had shorter Spring and Summer seasons.  Tree pollens start in Spring and then we move into grass and weed pollens as the season goes on.  So it's a tree that is causing my misery.

I read that eating yogurt is supposed to help allergies.  I eat some every day - so perhaps it could be worse?  I am hoping that the usual time frame of May for whatever it is that bothers me will stay true this year and that allergy season is pretty much over for me.

I look forward to having more energy, better sleep and using fewer tissues.


knittergran said...

My worst is grasses, although the trees were bad this year. Best of luck to you. I have no secret remedies to pass along, but I will try yours-the yogurt.

knittergran said...

My worst are grasses but trees were bad this year. Best of luck to you...I have no secret remedies to pass along, but I will try yours---yogurt.

knittergran said...

Oh! Yes I do. Neti pot! Helps a lot.

smalltownme said...

I feel like I'm allergic to life sometimes -- I'm always stuffed up.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

We definitely have had several rounds of seasonal maladies here due to allergies. If it's not one thing blowing off the trees, it's another!