Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The holiday weekend was a bust for bike riding due to strong winds so we took time off the bikes and explored a new gym we may join.

Tom and Zac all geared up.

This Saturday Zac was in town to help Tom clean out all the old sports equipment from the garage.  (Since he helps manage 2 after school programs in Salinas, he has been wanting to get that stuff out of our garage and into the hands of  kids who would actually use it.)

So we three set off early Saturday to get a ride in before the promised mid-90's heat descended.  It was nice and cool when we set off for Danville on the Iron Hourse Trail and his youthful exuberence kept us going at a high pace.  We hit the market stalls hard since I had two guys with paneers to fill with fresh produce, then turned back to Pleasanton.  We could feel that the heat was coming on fast - even though it was only about 10am.

We kept up a good pace on the way back and stopped at the BART station in Pleasanton to get some ice added to our now warm water bottles before the last 4 or so miles home.  As we were getting back on our bikes I begain to feel dizzy and was seeing spots.  I am not prone to the vapors - so I was kind of embarrassed.  But would have been more embarrassed if I keeled over on the road!

I had plenty of water sloshing around in my stomach and had eaten several samples of fruit and had a
handful of almonds at the market so I didn't think I needed a sugary drink - for some reason I thought what I needed was something salty, and Fritos seemed just the thing.  We sat in the shade for about 10 minutes and we munched the Fritos and I felt restored and made the ride home with no problem.

We were home by 11:30 and it was already 88 degrees - so I guess I can blame the heat.  I looked around on the internet for answers and it does seem that the salt was a good plan.  So I will consider that when I pack a snack - that is if I ride in the heat again!

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smalltownme said...

Scary to be dizzy! I'm glad the Fritos helped!