Thursday, August 22, 2013


1.)  What is your Food Spirit Animal?  Mine is Sriracha:

Just like Sriracha, you are spicy, exotic, and sassy. You likely have a sarcastic sense of humor, and are well-cultured. The only think you like better than traveling the world is going on crazy adventures along the way.

Check out the quiz for yours here.

2.)  According to a Public Policy Polling survey, 29 percent of Louisiana Republicans say President Obama is more to blame for the botched executive branch response to Hurricane Katrina while just 28 percent blamed George W. Bush. A plurality of 44 percent said they were unsure who was more responsible, even though Hurricane Katrina occurred over three years before Obama entered the presidency when he was still a freshman Senator.


3.)  New research finds that copper in amounts readily found in our drinking water, the foods we eat and the vitamin supplements we take likely plays a key role in initiating and fueling the abnormal protein build-up and brain inflammation that are hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease.

The LA times article  outlines the study and findings.  I can't help but recall that in the late 1990's everyone was getting rid of their aluminum pots and pans, not buying deodorant,  baking soda and other products which had aluminum in them because the scientist thought aluminum was the culprit behind Alzheimer's.

Another article I read today said poor food choices caused the disease.  

Sometimes I think these studies should not be reported while still in progress.


Nancy Farm Mannikko said...

Bacon. I got bacon. I must be channeling that dog in the Beggin' Strips commercial. You know, the "I'd get it myself but I don't have thumbs" golden retriever.

smalltownme said...

Mine is BACON!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

1. Nutella
2. I'm no nut, but I question the brainpower of people in some places.
3. I agree with you! Also, talking with my dad this afternoon made me hate Parkinson's almost as much as Alzheimer's.

shrink on the couch said...

I'm bacon, too. Not terribly brag-worthy.

There's a real problem with the media scouring for recently published, not-yet-replicated studies. I like reading them, anyway, cuz you just never know which one will be the real deal. I can also say, though, that I've become more and more skeptical of any "latest finding" regarding nutrition. It's exhausting.

And the Lousy-anners (as my husband affectionately calls our neighbors ... he lived in Louisiana for a few years before he met me)blaming Obama for Katrina? That's RICH. Not terribly surprising. I'm thinking if they polled the Rush Limpballs readers the number would look more like 80%.