Wednesday, August 28, 2013


At about 7:15 I was thinking I would be writing a post called "I hosted book club but nobody came." I knew that attendance was going to be low, but since it was supposed to start at 7, I was getting worried that I would be the first hostess to have no club members turn up!

I ended up with 5 of the 18 members here.  We discussed the book "The Light Between Two Oceans" which was a tragic story but very worthy of discussion.  Beautifully written, too.

I tried to keep my food options light and easy - just
a veggie tray, some nuts and nibbles.  I made an ice cream and sorbet  bombe and some shortbread cookies for dessert. The bombe turned out beautifully and everyone really liked it.  It was perfect because I could make it a day ahead and just had to put out the food and drinks when I came home from work.

Tom and I cleaned the house on the weekend - he helped by waxing the laminate floors which turned out great.  I finally made my finished needlepoint into a pillow. That's the nice thing about entertaining - it stimulates housekeeping!

Book Club hosting done for the year, a clean house and  a long weekend coming up!  A nice end to the summer.


smalltownme said...

The bombe is da bomb!

Jenny Hart Boren said...

I hate when nobody comes! (With apologies to those who do come, who are very welcome somebodies, of course). We recently gave a wedding shower and only a few old aunts appeared; I felt so sad for the bride. At least the house gets cleaned and there are yummy leftovers and wine.

How about a picture of that needlepoint pillow? The cat asked me to ask you.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

The bombe is beautiful -- and I agree, we need picture proof of the needlepoint pillow. :)

RSVP has lost its meaning for too many people. *sigh*

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am going to make that for my book group in a couple of weeks--it looks delicious.

We do appetizer potluck and good quality (Trader Joe's) goodies are a fine contribution. Most of us have full-time jobs nowadays.