Sunday, September 8, 2013


We only rode for about 12 miles on Saturday - out along  a residential and vineyard lined road to Starbucks (where I purchased a gift card to put in Ally's birthday box) along with my iced tea enjoyed on the patio overlooking the vineyards and the hills.

It is a nice ride but there is a killer hill on the way back which I always have to get off my bike and walk up - until Saturday, that is! I finally rode the hill to the top.  Whoo hoo!

There was a reason we just went on a short ride - well, two reasons.  It was going to be over 100 degrees on Saturday and I didn't want to be riding in that heat.  Also, we went out on Friday night and wore ourselves out.  Tom got it in his head that we should take dance lessons (long story) and found a place that offered an hour long introduction to West Coast Swing for only $5.00.

Not our class but this is pretty much what it looked like!
After along day of work, a light dinner and a couple of drinks in us, we wet to the dance studio.  There were a dozen people there already dancing, others were arriving and changing into their dancing shoes.  It was intimidating.  Eventually they herded all the first timers into a room in the back and we had a whirlwind lesson
on the basic 6 moves.

The guy directs the type of pass the woman does while she is moving up and back in a "slot" of space.  There were steps to count, hand positions to learn and turns to be done in the proper way.  Oh.  And the "sugar push."  So we practiced the moves, and watched the professionals who looked nothing like the rest of us when they did the same thing!

Then they dimmed the lights and opened up all the spaces for dancing.  We gave it another half an hour when dizziness and sore feet took their toll.  We are going back, but maybe I need to get some of those special dancing shoes...


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

The dance lesson sounds like so much fun. I'd really like to take lessons with my husband, but he is not at all interested in it.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

$5 are a steal of a deal! And more importantly, WhoooHooo!! You rode up that hill!!

smalltownme said...

ONLY 12 miles? You are amazing. I would love to take dance lessons but like Jen, there is no way my husband would. Get the shoes!