Thursday, September 12, 2013


1.)   Like many people, we are riveted by the last episodes of Breaking Bad - which we have watched and loved since the first season.  Can't say the same about Dexter which is also coming to an end.  It was once as well written and engaging, but is limping to a close.

Don't see anything that is going to take the place of these shows - I'm looking forward to one more season of Mad Men starting next year.  I like Homeland but Tom can't get past Carrie's twitchiness.  He likes Survivor and I won't watch it.  I don't know when Downton Abbey starts up again but will be watching that for sure. 

I don't see anything on the fall lineup to bring me back to network TV, so more time for the internet and reading, I guess.  Or maybe I'll finally watch some of the shows and movies I have recorded on the DVR!

4.)  Tom is thrilled that AMC is going to make a spin off called "Better Call Saul" about Walter Whites sleazy lawyer.  He and his attorney buddy are always talking about going for it and advertising like Saul.

3.)  I grew up at the foot of Mt. Diablo which has been in the news due to a wildfire burning there this week.  I now live about 20 miles south of the mountain and get to gaze at it everyday as I drive to work.  They have controlled the fire and no homes or major structures were lost.  It has been weird to see the smoke, have the helicopters (which scoop water from a nearby reservoir and carry it to the fire) and air tankers flying over us all week in the efforts to put the fire out.  It has been even more strange to read and hear comments from people all over the country talking about the event with so much misinformation and nonsense being spouted. 

The worst part of the story was that 2 fire stations were broken into and personal belongings of the firefighters were stolen while they were out working.  Really.  That happened. 

4.)  Gov. Jerry Brown and the leaders of the California state Legislature have passed a bill that would raise the state's minimum wage to $10 an hour.

“The minimum wage has not kept pace with rising costs,” Brown said in a statement. “This legislation is overdue and will help families that are struggling in this harsh economy.”
I know a lot of people think $10.00 is much more than businesses can pay - however, the city of San Francisco has had a minimum wage in excess of $10. an hour for several years (it is now $10.55) and while there is complaining, there seem to be few businesses who have not managed to meet the cost.  
Ten dollars an hour is still not a living wage - at least not in this very expensive part of the country, but it will make it more possible for people to pay their bills and maybe have some spending money to spread around and support the local economy.
5.) My Nook is starting to act up - and this is my second one in 3 years.  I am afraid it is going to stop working any time now, right in the middle of the book I am reading.
I am thinking that I may have to give up my ban on Amazon and purchase a Kindle if it happens.  They just don't appear to have the failure rate I am experiencing - and, quite frankly, I really dislike the Barnes & Noble website.  Plus the Amazon e-books are less expensive.
 I guess this is yet another downside of the e-readers - having all these books that can not only be shared with other people but can't be transferred to other devices.  I know a lot of people have tablets they use as readers, but I am not sure I can afford one of those. Time to start researching, because I recognize the signs of Nook failure in the works.


smalltownme said...

I am a fan of the kindle. All my books are also available on my iphone, ipad and computer with the Kindle app.

knittergran said...

You are quite literally the only person I "know" who has watched BB. It is so well-written and filmed that it gives me hope for writers. They don't need to dumb down tv. I hope they figure that out.
And it looks like you might have some free time for knitting or crocheting! ;-)
I get frustrated with the people who whine that if the minimum wage is made a living wage, we will all end up poor from paying more for our goods. How about having fewer workers qualifying for food stamps, etc., because they can actually afford to live on what they make. That saves the tax dollars so many people are so sure they are paying too much of. Tax breaks and subsidies for all sorts of big businesses (oil and gas come to mind) and that's ok. Food for poor people and children---not OK.
Rant over...

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Hey, Knittergran, we recently discovered Breaking Bad and are enjoying our way through the seasons (almost at #4). Incredible! You NEVER see this level of complex human drama on network television. Sometimes, despite Saul, it's too intense and we have to lighten up with another refreshing dive into The West Wing, which doles out the pain in smaller doses.

And yes, please, on raising the minimum wage!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've heard all about BB but have never watched it (probably because the TV is rarely on at my house). Someday...
I do have one happy series that is returning after I sadly thought it would not: Parenthood (which I watch online since we rarely have the TV on at my house).

I'm aghast at the thought of someone breaking into the firehouse and stealing from the firemen while they were out on the job. Sheesh.