Friday, October 18, 2013


1.) What does it say about our little city that the most prevalent new businesses seem to be two of types:
 massage parlors  and academic tutoring.

2.)  I was disappointed when the book selected for our book club this month was a Jodi Picoult novel. I am a bit of a book snob - I admit it.  However,  though I am not finished with it yet and it may still disappoint, The Storyteller is a pretty good read.

The thing is, I am anxious to get back to re-reading the first two of the Margaret Atwood MaddAddam Trilogy - the third book just came out and all the reviewers suggested going back to the first two before embarking on this new one.  The first, Oryx and Crake, came out 10 years ago and I was amazed at how much of it I recalled when I re-read it last week.  When I finish the book club book, I'll read The Year of the Flood again and then dive into MaddAddam.  Just love Margaret Atwood.

3.)  I started my holiday shopping this weekend with a online session.  I didn't have much luck finding things I was thinking about for gifts - some companies I have shopped with in the past seem to be gone and prices seem to be a lot higher this year.

I read that the California economy is supposed to be nearly back to what it was 8 years ago.  It certainly hasn't happened in my house and the article didn't address the huge increase in the price of everything vs. the new lower wages we are living with. I make $4.00 an hour less now than I did 8 years ago and pay $800. more a month for health insurance. Then add in the higher cost of gas, groceries and even internet.

 I suppose statistically speaking,  people who made good money during this recession and are making even more money now will skew the numbers higher than the reality most of us live with.

4.)  Just got back from our date night. We skipped dance class and went to the gym then out to eat.  The moon is huge and bright, the temperature when we got to dinner was 68 degrees; we ate outside knowing it is probably the last week of this balmy fall weather...  Tomorrow we are off to Monterey to ride bikes with our Zac.

Hope everyone has a lovely fall weekend!


Jenny Hart Boren said...

I think if you just read one or two Jodi Picoult books you can enjoy her style--by the fourth or fifth you'll tire of her predictable characters and implausible storylines. (I felt the same about Jacqueline Mitchard.)

Seems like California is enjoying a lovely stretch of fall weather--wasn't last night lovely? And that moon!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Kayaking and cooking are on deck today--that makes today a good day for me! Enjoy your weekend!

smalltownme said...

Re the economy: well, my investments are back up to where they were before they bottomed out 8-9 years ago. However, our income has not kept up with the increase in the cost of living. My husband has only had one tiny raise in 10 years and that was a token because the company was sold. Everything costs more today. So are we ahead? Not really.

Nan said...

I'll second what Jenny said about Jodi Picoult. One or two are fine and then you start to notice the predictability.

Re: weather. It's snowing here in upper Michigan.