Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I did a Costco run today and very carefully arranged things in the back if the car so the frozen things would keep the cold things cold, etc. I stopped at Noah's for bagels to go with the massive package of smoked salmon.

Then, since I was right next to Safeway I thought I would run in for the special kind of Power Bars Tom likes which don't seem to be stocked anywhere else. I made the silly mistake of thinking the Express Lane with 2 people in it would be faster than getting behind large carts full of groceries - silly, silly me.

It was unclear what the issue was with the first guy in line, but the woman in front of me had 3 items and had to try 3 different charge cards to pay. Sad - but time consuming.

A full 15 minutes later I was putting the bagels in the back of the car and realized the big bag of chocolate chips had shifted off the frozen chicken pile and was now a big bag of melted chocolate.

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smalltownmom said...

If life gives you melted chocolate, make chocolate-covered strawberries.