Friday, June 5, 2009


We got the letter on Monday June 1 from the IRS asking for some documentation to be submitted by May 27. Okay.

So I am filling out the forms and trying to navigate to the web address listed in the letter as there is certain specific information I am required to follow. The web address will not come up. So after numerous tries I finally find the correct web page and complete the packet of information.

Tom suggests we should call to notify the IRS that the packet is coming, but we didn't receive it in time to send it by May 27. So I call the number listed in the letter.

After 5 prompts I am told via electronic voice that the wait time is 30-45 minutes.

I try again an hour later. Wait time is 20- 30 minutes.

I try again around noon. The wait time is 10-15 minutes. So I wait. They play selections from the Nutcracker Suite. I wonder if someone at the IRS selected this as an ironic little joke.

After 11 minutes the call is answered, the agent rattles off an ID number. I share the information. The agent tells me I need to talk to another department, the one which sent the letter. Funny. You would think they would use their number in the letter.

I wait another 13 minutes. I tell this agent, number 4758/#( or something, the story. He says he will note the file and I should talk to another department so they will not start some sort of procedure against us. Yikes.

I wait another 19 minutes because this sounds quite dire. Agent 49%3+& isn't sure why they have put me through to her, but is happy to hear the information is going out today and make sure all the supporting documents are included. I dig up some additional information and add it to the packet just in case.

I double check everything and go to the Post Office. I hope that is the end of this little story.


smalltownmom said...

Oh, I hope it goes OK. Getting the letter late is not a good start.

Nan said...

We've had a couple interesting IRS experiences, too. They seem to trip over their feet a lot.

themom said...

I tell my clients to first of all bring me their letters. They, for the most part feel they can clarify everything via phone...NOT!! The IRS employs mostly seasonal workers to handle the calls through the end of May, sometimes into June. Most of them do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. To make a point, I called three separate times with the same question and got three DIFFERENT answers. (I already knew the correct one - which they did not.) Scary huh?