Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have now been looking for a job for over a week. I am not sure if I can even count myself as one of the nearly 12% unemployed in California since I left my job more somewhat voluntarily and do not qualify for Unemployment Insurance. I am kind of like all those people who have used up their UI and are not really counted anymore.

This morning there were a couple of reports on the news about job hunting and the economy. One was about making your resume stand out by listing specific accomplishments, following up after sending resumes and making job hunting a full-time endeavor. The usual, generic tips which aren't even always relevant.

What was interesting was a spokesman from Yahoo saying there are jobs mostly in health care, engineering ad high tech - which we have all heard. Then he goes on to say that the positions offered are not all "professional." They need receptionists and janitors and warehouse workers. Which is true, too. But mostly, from what I have seen in a exhausting week spent looking at everything out there, there are very, very few positions for anyone but experienced engineers, technology professionals and nurses.

While I am not one to shy away from applying when I don't have absolutely all the experience listed - it is daunting that a "receptionist" is supposed to have experience with autoCAD and Dreamweaver in addition to writing sales orders and proposals, staff scheduling and conduction facility tours.

Most companies want you to have worked in their specific field and know their specific software, etc., and I suspect they will get that. And cheaper than the last person who had the job. I see lots of very long job descriptions with 35 hour weeks, no benefits. I applied today for one that is a 1099 position - what they like to call an independent contractor - so they don't have to pay payroll taxes.

Something new to me is the online tests some employers have you take. Timed tests for math, grammar, vocabulary and reasoning. Like a mini-SAT! As part of the initial application process. I have also had to agree to credit and background checks.

I will say that I have been approached by numerous companies interested in meeting me! They are all sales positions. Some telemarketing, a couple of insurance companies, a real estate investment company and something to do with identity theft. All promise great incomes! Make $2000.00 per week! The catch? Commission only.

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