Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's been awhile since I checked out the Prompt Tuesday post by Sandiegomomma:

We’ve got all kinds of friends, haven’t we? The serious ones, the anal ones, the silly ones, the lost ones, the distant ones, the ironclad ones.

Today, let’s write about the fun ones. Do you have a friend who makes you laugh and is a guaranteed good time? Write about this friend. Tell us a funny memory, something he or she said, or some goofball thing you did together.

This can be a character sketch or a plot-driven story.
Perhaps a poem.
Or maybe a song?
Sure, a song sounds nice, too.

And if you’ve got a picture, let us see it! Bonus points for zaniness.

This is my sister Nancy

When we are being zany it never occurs to us to take a picture - but this photo shows Nancy, my sister and best friend, at her smiley best. Nancy and I didn't have much of a relationship growing up. I am the older sister - 6 or 7 years older, I forget. I was off to college by the time she stopped being just a kid. It wasn't until I was married and in my early 30's that we connected as women and became friends.

We share an interest in politics and reading and of course, we share our family. We've spent hours on the phone talking about our kids and husbands and homes. When I moved to Washington state for a few years in the early 90's we learned how to e-mail to keep the phone bills down.

I especially enjoy when we are together during the holidays - we always have a lot of champagne to drink and get the giggles. Especially the year the Christmas Eve roast took an extra hour or so to finish - the kids still talk about that night and I still remember the hangover.


San Diego Momma said...

I love that you wrote about your sister.

It's so great to have a close friendship like that, with someone you're related to no less.

P.S. Maybe next time have someone else cook the roast.

Joanie said...

How awesome is it to have a sister AND a friend in the same person? You are blessed.

Da Goddess

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Anyone that drinks Champagne is a friend of mine!