Sunday, May 31, 2009


This plaque is the first one I made. I was really happy with how it turned out. The glass tiles are easy to work with and it was the first time I integrated mirrors which are radiating out from the heart.

This was on the porch of our old house, now I have it hanging in the arbor behind the BBQ.

I have made a few more plaques as gifts. I made the OM symbol to put in the yard of our last home, and haven't hung it here. It is up on my
work bench to remind me of the order the the universe and the need to meditate and clear my mind. There is something about working on a mosaic that does this for me. I frequently lose time when I am working on a project.

The glass in this plaque is black with copper streaks and copper. It has a pretty, sparkly effect in the sun.

I found this little birdhouse at TJMaxx and added some ceramic tile I had. There were just a few pieces from a plate. Someone I bought tile from had added them as a bonus to an order. The birdhouse was a small enough piece that I could use them up. I shouldn't have left it out over the winter, but I found moss inside and didn't want to evict a bird family!

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I love the birdhouse, but the Om symbol is just fantastic. I love the colors you chose for it.