Friday, May 1, 2009


CNN did a survey measuring the attitudes on torture based on religious affiliation and church attendance. I think the sample is too small - less than 800 individuals were polled, I wonder how it would hold up with a larger survey.

The numbers of those who attend church frequently and think torture is "often or sometimes" justified was 52%. Of those who attend church seldom or never, only 42% agree with the use of torture.

The survey asked: "Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists in order to gain important information can often be justified, sometimes be justified, rarely be justified, or never be justified?" Nearly half, 49 percent said it is often or sometimes justified, 25% said it never is.

When broken down by religious groups, the Protestants were less likely to agree with the use of torture, the Evangelicals more likely to agree. My guess is the more the liturgical focus is on eye for an eye revenge and fire and brimstone fear - the more it brings out our baser instincts.

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That study has definitely led to some interesting discussions. I have an award for you over at my place. Be sure and pick it up!