Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My computer is down with a virus. I can get a bit of computer time on our laptop when Ally is not home, but all my bookmarks are missing and my files are gone and I am not used to this little computer screen and no mouse. So I am limited by my limitations.

If the computer guys can't fix the virus - a very smart virus which defeats attempts to get rid of it - then we see if we can clear the hard drive or if we have to buy a new computer. So it may be several more days before I am back to reading my blogs and posting with ease.


smalltownmom said...

My son's computer is sick, too. Being men, he and my husband are trying to cure it themselves. So far they've succeeded in wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the they are trying to reconnect it to our network. Of course he lost all his files, but he doesn't care. They were just homework, etc.

Good luck with yours.

Nan said...

Swine flu, no doubt. Had your computer been to Mexico recently?

Hope you've managed to solve the problem by now.

themom said...

Hurry back...hope it is not too too serious.