Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am outing myself as an American Idol viewer. I will not watch during the auditions, I skip over the early "Hollywood" weeks. Once they have settled down to a group of 10 or so singers, then I tune in. My husband watches from the beginning and has even been known to watch reruns of old seasons, but he is happy when I finally join in.

I have enjoyed contestant Adam Lambert from the beginning. While theatrical and a bit too much into the 80's rock - he always did something different and unexpected. He is obviously talented and experienced - but also humble and nice. I especially liked him when he steered clear of the "scream" but recognise that he is good at it.

I always liked Kris Allen, too. He has a John Mayer-like style and his stage presence built as the season went on. He is a talented musician and his arrangements were enjoyable. I know he was considered an underdog when he beat Danny into the final two - but Tom and I both liked him best and Tom managed to get through to vote for him.

For the most part the show last night was very entertaining - we were mostly disappointed that they chose KISS to sing with Adam. We are not now and never have been fans and it was the worst part of the show. Too bad they didn't have him perform with Queen or Santana. I loved what they did with the "awards" and especially when Kara came out to show the Bikini Girl how it is done!

Anyway, we were not unhappy with the outcome. It has been proven over and over that those viewers from the Southern states are voting maniacs and support their singers. Adam will go on to have a great career and as I heard someone say - he won't have to sing that terrible "winners" song for years to come.

Now the show I just love to watch is coming on - So You Think You Can Dance!! If you have not watched this - I highly recommend it. Uplifting, entertaining and inspirational. I realize I would rather be a good dancer than singer ---How about you?

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