Friday, July 3, 2009


Went to watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds last night. I took Ally and her BFF. They finally put their cell phones away and watched and clapped.

I love fireworks.


On the job hunt front - an amazing number of jobs posted this week - I'd say 25% have required Spanish as a second language. Another 10-15% say it would be "helpful" for the application. Is this just a California thing?


I was on the stair stepper at the gym - they have moved equipment around because they are doing repairs so I wound up in front of a TV. (I usually avoid them and groove to my iPOD.) I was unable to take my eyes from the screen. A soap was on - one I must have watched over 20 years ago when I was home nursing the twins. I don't know which one it was but I sort of recognised some of the actors. Except the ones I recognised looked soooo old. Actually, what flashed through my mind was that they all looked like their faces had been smudged.


Another TV was tuned into CNN (See? I just can't not watch.) There was a big BREAKING NEWS banner - so I kept watching. It was an interview with Colin Powell on his memories of Michael Jackson. Really?


I will withhold snark on Sarah Palin quitting her job.


Tom has Wimbledon on at home. I happened across an article about how they choose which player will play on "Center" court.

…the All England Club admitted that physical attractiveness is taken into consideration. Spokesman Johnny Perkins said: ‘Good looks are a factor.’

Which explains why you will see #59 -

And not #5

This site, Sociological Images, is always an interesting read.

Off to the gym and a little pool time. Have a happy 4th!


Lori R. said...

Well, I would be outta luck because I don't know Spanish. Our little area has a huge hispanic population and I have always considered taking a conversational course at the community college. Maybe I should! Good for you keeping up with going to the gym and keeping up with the positives. That perfect job is out there, it just hasn't found you yet:)

themom said...

How ridiculous, but apparently the norm now, to expect all to be bilingual. The Spanish speaking morons haven't mastered English, but the opposite is highly expected. DUH?!?!