Thursday, July 16, 2009


I can't say this to Tom because his love for the Tour de France is going to get me to France someday. It is his dream to see the Tour - it is mine to spend time in France.

Coverage of the Tour is on daily, several times daily. He soaks it all in. He talks about reincarnation so he can ride in it in a future life. The man has 7 bicycles. (He has the good sense to avoid spandex, however.)

The commentators go on and on about how hard it is, how tired the riders are. They don't actually see the lovely countryside, just a sea of colorful spandex. They talk about all they give up, all they go through. On and on. Pain. Anguish. Hydration. Crashes.

And I am thinking of men bent over, working in the fields to feed their families. Children being orphaned by bombs. People pounding the payment looking for work. Old ladies suffering in hot apartments.

Real life hard stuff. Not sought out and chosen. No support staff for them. No massage at the end of the day. No sponsor throwing free clothes at them.

Just a ray of sunshine this week. That's me!

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Lisa said...

You make such a good point! When we talk about things like personal strife, misery, hardship, we don't do a very good job of conveying the differences, both big and small between the kind of difficulty the Tour riders face and the daily difficulty of someone who can't get enough food to feed their family.