Friday, July 10, 2009


It's been a long week full of angsty stuff. The biggie being I "KILLED" my computer (according to my husband.) He swore he would not fix it (again) but he eventually told me what to do and I've mucked my way through installing and downloading and resetting for the last few days.

It is almost back. I lost all my e-mails and addresses and some other stuff that crashed before I could back-up. My iTunes won't install. I am calling Zac to help with that.

Today I ran a bunch of errands and finally got my hair cut. It had gotten so long that it was catching in things. I usually go much shorter in the summer, but now that the hot flash years are behind me, I don't mind having it longer.



Lori R. said...

Oh my,,, I am backing up my computer as soon as I am done here. My son tells me that all the time and you don't think you are ever going to lose stuff and then it happens and you are miserable, just sick. Thanks for the reminder, Sorry for your loss.
You have beautiful hair. I am just now trying to grow the blonde out to my natural color. I have colored my hair for the past hmmm...35 years and decided it is time to see what color this really is!

Walker said...

You're Gorgeous :)

Mrs. G. said...

Girl, you have some good hair!