Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Had a little BBQ Saturday night at my sister's house. Our parents were in town and so we got together.

My dad has become more and more Conservative and cranky over the years and the briefest comment about Bush got his hackles up so we moved on to talk movies and TV. We talked about the heavy schedules of "reality" shows and which ones we watch or wouldn't. Tom and I sang the praises of the best show on this summer - So You Think You Can Dance.

This wonderful show was on for a couple of seasons before I found it. I think the name made me think it was one of those put down shows - that is what bothers me about so many of the "unscripted" shows. The negativity, the bitchiness and the focus on popularity rather than talent. This show is soooo different.
The judges are actually dance professionals who critique the performances respectfully and with
constructive criticism - and the occasional shriek from Mary the ballroom expert. She is a hoot.

They start with 20 dancers, pair them up and have professional choreographers teach them a dance - it could be ballet, hip hop, a Samba, a waltz, modern dance or even Bollywood. This is one of the things that makes the show so watchable. The dancers come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are well trained from childhood, some are straight from dancing on the streets. Each has their own style, then they are challenged each week to learn a new form of dance. It is amazing what these talented people can do. Not only the dancers, but the choreographers.

I like that there is a combination of votes from the viewing audience and final decisions by the judges to determine who continues in the contest. As of this week, the couple who have been dancing together each week are split up. Now there is a random drawing for partner and dance style. Eventually the votes will come down to one "favorite" dancer who wins.
My favorite couple has been Brandon and Janette. But I have other individuals I have voted for, too. Yes - I actually vote. Something I never thought I would do!

I think the viewing audience wins every week by watching. Tune it in!


Lori R. said...

Honestly, this is my favorite show on tv. They are such talented people and very courageous. I would not miss it if possible. Brandon and Janette are my favorite couple. It will be voted singlely. And Mary IS a hoot! I like this year how they seem to be more positive about the progress of the dancers and more encouraging.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My oldest daughter is a rabid fan. She has a dance background so she really gets what's going on.

I enjoy the dancing, but Mary's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me--thank goodness for tivo.

Lisa said...

We DVR this and I admit to hearing more of it than I watch, but I live with three fans, one of whom, I suspect, would love to go on the show at some point.