Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Interesting essay on the Huffington Post written by Larry Flint:'s the people versus the corporate state. You hear it more and more, sometimes spoken in code, sometimes spelled out as clearly as a neon sign. We have reached the tipping point. The enemy has been identified. It's not left versus right it's democracy versus greed. This realization sits there like an unexploded bomb. We stare at it, waiting only for someone to light the match.

And in the "pre-game" discussions in advance of President Obama's speech, Keith Olberman (who I watch but frequently think goes too far ala the crazies at Fox) said: "tonight we will find out if The President works for us or for the corporations."

I complely agree. I have had a sick feeling about our President ever since he started talking about taking the public option off the table. My husband thinks it is strategic somehow - I hope he is right.

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