Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Made a quick trip to Target today. Ally has been invited to play on a tournament soccer team and the coach wants her to bring a jump rope to practice. Guess it is an alternative to running on the rain soaked grass fields.

The sporting goods are off in the far corner of the store so I got a good look at the current "reinvented" Target. They are piling up the mega sized packages of toilet paper and super sized boxes of detergent and going for the warehouse store vibe with some industrial look tables loaded with towels.

I remember a few years ago when they were going for the Pier I look. Fake ferns, African masks and deep mahogany hued furniture. It seems that Target is becoming the Madonna of retailers. Reinventing itself as the wind blows.

Keeps things interesting.

Oh, and the bonus was I noticed one of the mosaic cones they had for the holidays tucked away in a kitchenware end cap. It was originally priced at $20.00 marked to $5.00! Snatched that up to add to the 2010 holiday sparkle.

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Nan said...

Don't forget the 55-gallon drums of liquid Tide. Okay, maybe they're not quite that big, but they're definitely the largest bottles of detergent I've ever seen outside of Costco.