Thursday, January 21, 2010


Okay. It is obvious that no one wants to hear about my sucky job search any more. So I will gossip.

Apparently the tabloids have been commenting on the attire of the children of celebs. Not about the ridiculous amount of money spent on the clothes, but whether the kids are dressing appropriate to their gender and age.

Case in point was Suri Cruise and her little high heels. I have always thought the photos of little Suri showed she is dressed in expensive but age appropriate, cute clothes. I would not have given in to the heels, except for playing dress-up at home. But so far, I think she looks darling and well groomed.

The Jolie-Pitt girls seem to sport their mother's edgier look. The tabloids are fretting over the gender identification of the 3 year old because she is so often seen in "boys clothes." I did a quick tour of Google images and it looks like both the older girls do wear darker colors, jeans, leggings and sport shoes rather than mary janes. The uproar started over a photo of Shiloh in a little hat, tie and "boys" jeans which she is reported to have picked out to wear (perfectly normal, according to the experts.)
As the mom of boy girl twins, I felt I had an opportunity to experiment a bit with the gender identity thing. We knew we were having a boy and a girl so we had a lot of pink and blue clothes for them when they were little, but I decorated their room in primary colors and when they were older, I dressed them for day to day activities in non-gender specific colors and clothing. The play area was full of all kinds of toys and they played with things pretty equally.
This was the case until about two. Then they started sorting the toys as his and hers. She started wanting to choose her clothes and wanting different colors like pink and purple. This stuff is somewhat hardwired, people. But is is also in what they see around them, what their mom and dad wears, for instance. No harm in that. We should be a lot more concerned for those kids whose parents allow them to dress like hookers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree ... Forget about the celebrities.

In the village where I live, I see so many kids wearing revealing and tight clothes. It makes me uncomfortable. My own (homeschooled) 17-year-old is slack-jawed by it.

Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't mind seeing Suri Cruise wearing more seasonally-appropriate clothes -- she's often under-dressed -- I can't say that I could otherwise find fault with what she wears. Besides, she's three; we all know that three-year-olds are strong-willed. It's likely that she's choosing what she wants to wear and her parents are respecting her decisions.

As for the Jolie-Pitt kids, I'd be very surprised if the parents weren't letting them choose what they want to wear. So what if the one girl wants to dress like a boy? There's nothing wrong with that.

phd in yogurtry said...

I love that Jolie is letting her daughter dress in a cross-gender fashion. We need more parents who don't push the traditional pink on girls and blue on boys, etc. And bravo to you, too, for letting your twins pick out what fits their want. I do agree that some girls just love pink. I've got twin girls and one is all pinky girlyness while the other prefers androgynous clothes.

And I don't like the heels on the little girl. I'm really quite disturbed by the toddler-straight-to-teen fashion trends for young girls. And we are surprised that kids are engaging in sexual activity at younger and younger ages?

Nan said...

The whole color coding thing is so weird if you stop and think about it. It's not hard-wired - it's cultural. If you go back to the 19th century, toddlers and preschoolers of both sexes wore what today we'd call dresses. Pink used to be a boy's color more than a girl's. Depending on time and place, men dressed far more gaudily than women.

That said, it floors me what school kids wear today when I can remember a time when girls had to wear skirts -- and those skirts had to have hemlines below your kneeds. Then when they finish school it carries over into the workplace -- I see younger women at work all the time wearing stuff that to me makes them look like they should be standing on a street corner somewhere trolling for johns but to them is just normal attire. I guess when everyone is dressed like a hooker, it's no longer slutty. (I try not to be too much of a dinosaur, but definitely have days when I realize I've become my grandmother.)