Thursday, September 2, 2010


For me the picture says it.  The sleek, multi-millionaire candidate who can write check after check to fund her own campaign and say anything (true or not) to discredit her opponant. After being fired from her CEO job she took a $28 million severance package.  HP, once considered one of the most employee friendly, ethical companies in the country is still paying fines from the kickback scheme to get in on government contracts engaged in while Carly Fiorina ran the show, a failed merger, fluctuating stock value, a spying scandal and thousands of  US jobs sent overseas.  Fiorina has been characterized as "as self-centered, she also fell short as a moral manager" in a study  printed in  Entrepreneur Magazine.

Then there is scruffy little Barbara Boxer in her ill fitting suit.  She has been in public service for much of her life.  She is a California Liberal, supporting marriage equality, reproductive choice, environmental issues including keeping green industries in the US rather than overseas, biomedical research, education and more.  While she has stood up against the wars in the Middle East, she did not refuse funding for the troops and their welfare.  She is a humanitarian and can not be faulted in the least for her ethics or charged with self-interest.

So while the candidate will represent California - the Senate makes decisions which affect the entire country.

Which would you rather have in office?

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