Friday, October 15, 2010


1.  As the election grows closer and the political ads dominate the airwaves, I have the strong inclination to vote against whatever and whomever have the most money to spend.  You can't trust anything they say, and time after time we find that the big money behind the propositions comes from special interest groups and corporations pushing for their own gain.

2. There are 71 days until Christmas.  This year I have to get used to the idea that all my children will not be home with us.  The practical part of me knows that is to be expected with a daughter on the other side of the country with her first job.  The  rest of me is wondering how I can get her to move back to California so I don't have to be practical.

3.  Ten years ago I got Lasik surgery and I have been happily without glasses for most of those years, but aging eyes continue to require help, so I am getting a new pair of glasses for computer use and distance, I can still read pretty well without glasses.  Finally glasses have gotten cool and it was fun to chose frames with some flair.  They are red wire with little cutout designs on the wings.  The bottom part of the lens is wireless, which I found blends in with my face better and distracts from the wrinkles and crinkles.

4.  We are late to the party, but have discovered "Dexter".  Anyone watch?  We have almost gotten through all the previous season's episodes and will probably start watching the current season next week.  The only other new show I am watching is the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire."

5.  Ally has sent out her first college application.  She is struggling a bit with others and trying to decide where she would like to go as back-ups to her first choice.  I have put my foot down and said I would only pay the application fee for schools she would actually attend if accepted!  The California schools are so broke that instead of allowing multiple school choices on one application, we have to pay and apply to each.

When are we going to wake up and recognise that we are going to pay one way or the other?  If we refuse to pay higher taxes, we are going to be hit for fees and rising costs for everything to male up for the shortfall.  Are we all so brainwashed that we think all these things we rely on from the state and federal government are going to continue without being funded somehow?  It is fine for me to pay for each college application, but we all have to contribute for the roads, the teacher salaries, the parks and yes, even the "welfare" programs like childcare subsidies.

We all pay - be it in lost services, reduced availability of education, enforcement of civil rights, enforcement of laws and regulations, increased personal miseries of homelessness, lack of medical and psychiatric care ad the despair and lawlessness that follow.  We all pay. 


hokgardner said...

The fact that we all do have to pay in some way or another really seems to be lost on many, many people. Sigh.

And I envy your lasik. I am a bad candidate for it, so I'm stuck with my glasses. At least they are cool ones.

yogurt said...

Saw on cable politicos talk show (O'Donnell's Last Word?) where Faux news was decrying the fact that liberals want to know where all those anonymous campaign ad donations are coming from ... and then showed earlier clips where Faux news was complaining about unknown donors to the left.

I'm garbling it but hope you get my point -- typical right wing hypocritical schtick called out ONCE AGAIN.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Pretty soon we'll have to put out our own fires with our garden hoses.

jenn said...

I'm actually refusing to watch political ads this time. If they come on, I hit mute or change the channel. I'm SO sick of this much money being spent on ridiculous propaganda, while my daughter's school can't raise funds to have a bus drive them five miles to see a Shakespearean play. GRRRRR.

Walker said...

No tricks required, just time :)