Friday, October 22, 2010


1.)  I think that it is interesting that an entire generation entered the work place with legal protections from sexual harassment on the job, primarily due to the groundbreaking efforts of Anita Hill to keep her harasser off the Supreme Court.  The Tea Party Activist wife of that man is stirring things up 19 years later looking for an apology.  Anita Hill didn't actually seek to go public with her accusations, her confidential statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee was leaked to the press which unleashed a storm of publicity, hearings and public debate.  Thomas used the race card and managed to squeak by and be affirmed to the Court, but the way that sexual discrimination was viewed from that time forward was different and we have all benefited from that.
Anita Hill has nothing to apologise for.  She is a hero in my book.

2.)  Have you tried to buy a pound of hamburger lately?  At least here in CA I am finding it difficult to buy just a simple pound of ground beef - the packages are always somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds.  So for a recipe which calls for a pound I either have to use more than it calls for or find something to do with this little bit of meat left.  I think I will go back to buying the frozen ground beef from Costco which comes
 in 1 pound "chubs."   I don't use it very often, but at least I will have the amount I want.

3.)  Did you hear about the next trend for Halloween "tricks"?  Scarrots!  Yes, Give a mini bag of mini carrots to the trick or treaters when they come to your door...


hokgardner said...

Amen on Anita Hill. She is a brave woman who has helped many, many other women.

And I think recipients of scarrots will be tricking those houses.

Why does every holiday have to be made healthy. Halloween and Easter are the ONLY times my kids eat tons of candy. And I'm not taking that away from them.

smalltownmom said...

I would be afraid my yard would be trashed if I gave out Scarrots.