Saturday, December 4, 2010


My mom and I were talking a while back about our efforts to economize.  She said that dad wanted her to stop sending birthday checks to everyone but she wanted to continue with that tradition.  I must say that with 5 children, 4 spouses and 14 grandchildren - those are a lot of checks to send out every year.  But I am always so happy to see that check tucked inside my birthday card - even at my advanced age!

So what did I spend my birthday money on this year? Do you even need to ask? Shoes, of course!

I don't know why but I just wanted some oxford style shoes.  I think I just have so many cute little flats that my shoe wardrobe needed an injection of menswear style.  One of the comments on the Zappos site where I found them said that they were much better looking in person than in the photo - and they were right!  They are actually kind of dainty looking, and so soft.  Thanks Mom & Dad!!

I also had a credit at DSW and with my new job requiring me to be on my feet, like my old job did, I knew that some new Merrels were in order.  The ones I have now are about 7 years old and scuffed up.  I wear them around the house  but they are not suitable for wearing to work, so I have a new pair of these, too.


smalltownmom said...

I miss my aunt who would always tuck what she called "ice cream money" in every card she sent me.

I like those oxfords.

Anonymous said...

I love getting money for my birthday. Since it's in May, I usually spend my gifts on plants for my garden. The last two years, I bought roses, including an incredible red and white striped one.

I'm glad you got the Merrells -- good shoes are critical for comfort on the job.

Lori R. said...

Susan... thanks for the visit the other day!!! I did catch up to the Brightside happenings this morn. Love the shoes, I am a flat shoe girl and those are cute. Would love them with slacks. and they look comfy... I put on my shopping list red lipstick,,, I have been needing something to brighten my face as we are now into winter and "no color in my face" season! thanks for the tip.. I guess there is now a movie on the list of things to watch (maybe a new game to play when the girls are together for "girls trip" and Congrats to Ally. It is such an exciting time getting the college bug and being away from home. My girl going away to college was a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT than my boy going away to college.... and most of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Just remember we aren't getting older, we are getting BETTER!!!
oh, and I almost forgot... congrats on the job... I bet you DO like it. You seem like a people person with a smile and a great disposition... that's the kind of person, I like to meet when I go somewhere to stay. (and the husband food thing... omg... mine is the EXACT same way... cut from the same cloth,,,geez,,, I gave up! I was gone for a week and I am not sure what he ate! Figured he is a grown man, he needed to figure it out. I cook all the time or all's he would eat is summer sausage and cheese... see you only dirty a knife with that!!!) Have a great day sista...