Friday, December 10, 2010


1.)  NOW the Democratic caucus decides to, as the vernacular goes, GROW A PAIR???  They had two years, a forward looking President, the backing of the American public and they couldn't get off their thumbs long enough to keep the promises made to roll back tax breaks for the richest 10% of the country.  But now that the President has been shamed and bullied and has come up with a compromise which will allow the jobless benefits to be extended...NOW they stand up and say no tax cuts for the wealthy?  Really?

2.)  Got all dressed up Thursday and went down to the hotel for the employee holiday lunch...except they had postponed it until December 22.  The peril of working only 2 days a week is being left out of the loop...that and a wee small paycheck.

So - all dressed up an nowhere to go?  I went to the mall.  I usually avoid the mall in December but I headed for one store only with a mission in mind.  Me.  I splurged and bought myself some cute tops suitable for holiday festivities.

3.)  I have the house decorated and now I am working on my photos for the Holiday Home Tour hosted by Jen on the Edge.  Come visit next Friday to see homes all over the country all dressed up for the holidays!  If you are still looking for inspiration she has linked last year's tour.  If you want to join in, sign up by December 13.

I don't really get the angle - but the background tells the story!

4.)  Maggie had a wonderful time on her trip to France with her boyfriend and his parents.  She was not able to do all the things she would have liked since the trip was planned around fine dining and wine tasting - not that she didn't enjoy those things!  She is just ready to go back to see more sights and museums and do the shopping she didn't get to do.  I volunteered to be her travel companion!

5.)  Since Maggie took time off from her job - she will not be able to come home for the holidays this year.  I am actually feeling okay about it,  I am more worried that she won't have a nice holiday than I am about missing her. 

But Ally is having a hard time.  When I hung the stockings and Maggie's was not there she was very upset and wanted me to hang it - but she understood when I said I was filling it and mailing it to Maggie.  It has always been her favorite part of the gifts - the little goodies in the stocking.  So I wouldn't think of making her go without!  Now if I could figure out how to ship Monkey bread so it was hot and gooey on Christmas morning I would feel a lot better about things...


yogurt said...

I'm feeling extra cynical about all the noise the Democratic caucus is making. Dog and pony show?

It's a really sweet gesture, mailing the stocking.

Walker said...

Dan was being very 'artistic' for the Eiffel shots. Also -- excited about my stocking, but I'm pretty bummed out that I won't be home...

Tricia said...

Another good post thank you.
In regards to the break for 10%, I was listening to a radio show and they went out on the street to ask people what percent of Americans earn over $250k a year. The guesses ran from 1-2% to 30-40%. I think the true figure is 2%.

Lisa said...

I got my last unemployment check last week. I understand the fury of my liberal friends about the tax cut for the wealthy, but if their unemployment was being held up while people have an ideological fight NOW, I don't think they'd be so apt to encourage Congress to vote against this "deal."

I'd love to take the moral high road, but I need that money now to pay for living expenses. It sucks. But the reality is that we've got a dysfunctional Senate and too many Blue Dog Democrats to pass anything but this "deal."

Lisa said...

Also, I'm glad Maggie had a good time in France. What a cool thing to get to do.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm glad you have a good attitude about her not being home--I don't look forward to that day, but we did survive it at Thanksgiving. And Paris is pretty special.

I'm so over politics right now.