Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It is the beginning of awards season - I enjoy watching most awards shows

because it is an opportunity to see the fashions and celebrities in different circumstances.  It was more fun back in the day before they had so many professionals advising them and there were many more questionable fashion choices, but it is still fun to watch and to pour over the photos online in the next  few days.

But something is happening.  I will look through 30 pictures and recognise barely half of the people photographed. And it has nothing to do with plastic surgery gone bad - it has to do with...youth.  There are all these very young people I have never seen or heard of.  I googled a few of them and found out which TV shows they were on, shows on channels not watched in our home, apparently.  Hellcats?  Really?

And lest you think I am just an old bag, forever attached to the classic actresses of my day - I'll have you know I could spot Leighton Meister a block away, I think Selena Gomez is darling (though the Beiber thing is creepy) and I adore Emma Stone.

But who the hell are these people?

Really, it is just a rhetorical question...  I do have a teen in the house who watches Pretty Little Liars, but goes to her girlfriend's house to watch watch it every week.  Show me the cast of Twilight and I am in the know.

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