Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Perhaps this crankiness comes with  advancing age but sometimes I miss the days when certain behaviours caused people to be shunned.  The consequence of their behaviour was to be ostracised by society.  Yes, sometimes it went too far, yes  people were hurt and judgement could be harsh when circumstances were not wholly exposed. 

What got me thinking about this was an promo for Kelsey Grammer coming onto a talk show.  I don't watch the show is soon to be ex is on, I know nothing about them except that they were married for 13 years and she was apparently blindsided by his demand for a quick divorce so he could marry his pregnant, much younger new girlfriend.

When I saw the promo I felt like it was an embrace of his behaviour.  It isn't like it is anything new, politicians and celebrities have been spouse hopping and worse forever.  I just wish that there was, at he very least, a period of time after doing these things that these people were not brought on to cheers and smiles on morning shows.


yogurt said...

May I be the first to throw the judgy stone at a certain former presidential candidate whose name rhymes with Pran Deadbirds?

michiganme said...

I agree, it's treated like it's all so normal. I think they're both flakes, too bad they can't stay together.

Nan said...

I know the feeling. My pet irritant for a long time was Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman. Everyone fawned over Sarah; no one ever mentioned the fact Kimmel had a wife and kids he dumped once his career took off even though his wife had actually put up with the humiliation of appearing on the truly sophomoric "Man Show." Every time I see him I end up thinking "I hope Gina had a good lawyer."