Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been there.  the kids are talking back, anger flares and  builds with each outburst. The Florida mom who shot her two teens for being "mouthy"  brought me back to a morning in the car when my son, not even a teen then, talked back to me.  I slapped him.  Not my finest moment as a person or a parent.  I still remember it after 15 years. 

The option between the slap and being shot in the head is obvious. That Florida mom was depressed.  She had told her mother that she was struggling.  During that struggle she went out and bought a gun.  In her struggle, frustration, or whatever was going on in her mind - she shot both her children. 

So what might have happened if there had been a waiting period of say 2 weeks before she could have gotten a gun in her hands?  Her husband would have been home from his trip out of the country.  Perhaps her mother would have come for a visit.

Is it so much to ask of all those people who are so rabid about their rights to have guns to have to wait a bit to put their hands on one?  If she lived in Illinois where she had to apply first for a gun owners permit before she could purchase a gun - her purchase would have been delayed by up to 35 days.  Think of all the help or other options she might have chosen in all that time.

Her family would be intact and perhaps, like me, she would only have a slap on her conscience.


knittergran said...

It is amazing just how little common sense is involved in the gun issue.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is quite the subject. I hadn't even heard about what the mom in FL did, but... wow.
I agree, maybe a small waiting period when buying a gun wouldn't be so bad.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hear, hear.