Friday, September 23, 2011


1.)  Kirsty Alley is the latest celeb who can't win with those tabloids.  She was ridiculed and shamed when she gained weight.  Then she lost some on Jenny Craig but gained it back and they crowed over each pound - like they actually know her weight at any given moment.  She got serious enough about learning what worked for her that she started her own line of organic weight loss items and she has shed, she says, 100 pounds. 

She had a triumphant opportunity to walk the runway in a recent show for a designer showing off her new slimmer form.  And what do the tabloids now run as their headlines?  If you think there were compliments - forget it.  They are claiming she is bulimic and/or has gastric by-pass surgery.  She is shamed if she is fat and now they are trying to sham her when she slims down.  What a bunch of creeps - and so are the people who buy those rags.

2.)  Join the campaign Mrs. G has mounted on Facebook to support Ben & Jerry's and their Schweddy Balls ice cream!!

3.)  So who is making up the guest lists for the audiences at the Republican debates?  They booed a gay soldier last night, following their cheers for the number of inmates executed in Texas and the idea of letting uninsured people die without medical care.

At least when Carl Rove was picking the audiences for Bush, they kept out the rowdy rednecks.

4.)  I am no fan of Rick Perry and the fact that he has taken thousands of campaign dollars from the manufacturer of the HPV vaccine makes him rightly vulnerable to attack for self-dealing.  However, I support the use of the HPV vaccine wholeheartedly. 

A young woman I know contracted HPV and then cervical cancer when she was only 23.  Her former finance cheated on her and the result is that it's unlikely she will be able to carry a pregnancy.  There is no excuse for these tragic outcomes when there is a vaccine to save the next generation from this virus.

My daughters have been vaccinated and now I am urging my son to be vaccinated, too. (At the time the girls were vaccinated they were not allowing it for boys.) The physician I spoke with said that it is very important for young men to be vaccinated so they do not become carriers of the virus, plus there are other types of cancer which may be connected to the virus though more research must be done.  she also said that the vaccine works against other, similar viruses.

This seems like a no brainer to me.   It is silly to think giving them this vaccine when they are teens or pre-teens will somehow open the floodgates to early sexual activity.  They will become sexually active at some point in their lives and we should do our part to protect their health and the health of their partners.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm in the same situation with my boys. Danger Boy won't do it because he is really not a needle person (he was fine through the first 7 sets of stitches, but the novocaine shot on the 8th one did him in). Plus, my daughter said it was really a painful series.

I too have a friend who contacted HPV and had issues as a result as the result of an unfaithful husband.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

My girls will definitely get the shot. (The older girl just had her first installment; younger girl isn't old enough.)

Kirstie Alley looks great. I'm so happy that she's healthier and obviously so much happier.

yogurt said...

My friend's daughter got the vaccine and about seven years later contracted HPV and required surgery despite using additional protective measures. Apparently the vaccine only guards against the most prevalent strain of HPV. I think it is a valuable vaccine - I am merely opposed to an anti-government governor trying to "mandate" something as personal as this medical choice as well as others (sonograms).