Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello?  Women over 25 loved an entire series about sex.
I was reading a Forbes article titled Women Over 25 Don't Like Sex.  That premise is based on the following exchange regarding a new movie called "What's Your Number?"

In the New Yorker piece, Faris and the film’s director, Mark Mylod, watch a scene from the film. In it, Faris’s character declares that she’s a “whore,” and wants someone who will “appreciate that” about her. During a test screening, the audience laughed at the line, but the director remained wary. “Younger women lap up the nudity and sexual humor,” he was quoted as saying. “Women over 25—some are worried by it.”

What most men and Hollywood don't get about women beyond college age is this:  we do not find humor in being called derogatory names.  We do not think being called, or having your characters call themselves, whore or slut or whatever "funny" thing your writers come up with laughable. 

Unlike some of your younger, less experienced audience, we know something about discrimination and don't appreciate the efforts to keep us "in our place" by making our sexual selves the butt of the joke.  And since when do you figure we don't enjoy  nudity?  Oh, maybe because it's pretty much only there to gratify the men in the audience... 

Don't write off women over 25 as being over sex - what we are over is male oriented, juvenile and I'll use the m word, misogynistic "entertainment."


writingtowellness said...

Of course we appreciate nudity! I'm old(er) not without passion or the ability to discriminate when nudity is art and when it is demeaning. As for the derogatory comments about women and Hollywood targeting the straight 25ish male crowd - I thought gay males ran Hollywood (according to the right wingers...)

Give me plot, characters, finely written dialog and directing combined with strong actors any day, preferably some older female ones - older than 30. (I ♥ Streep and Mirren)

michiganme said...

Hear! Hear!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hear, hear!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I comment before I read the other comments--I guess my sentiment was previously stated, but I stand by it!