Thursday, September 1, 2011


Apparently someone at JC Penny thought this was a "Fun Tee" for 7-16 year old girls!

They apparently got a lot of flak for it and  have removed it from their catalog. 

However this one is still there:

Do they not have women who work for Penny's?  Or men who have daughters?  Or someone who might, in 2011, for heaven's sake , see that this is a sexist and negative message to send?  Or is everyone out there in retail land out to make sure yet another generation of women grow up thinking their most important attribute is their looks and that intelligence and success is for men.

And all these tee shirts which have been pulled from the website?  Where do you suppose they are going to end up?  I suspect that they will be sold in a Third World Country where the women don't have anyone looking out for their best interests.


hokgardner said...

I'm proud that neither of my big girls would even want to wear a shirt like that. Maybe I'm doing something right after all.

Renee said...

It is truly appalling, but I think it speaks volumes about the type of person who chooses to go into mass-designing and marketing. It's not usually the smart kids who choose those fields, at least where I teach.

writingtowellness said...

I saw this on Yahoo today and read about a Facebook site (up since 2009) that designs positive tees for young girls.

And, no, I cannot believe anyone would sell such crap with messages from the 1950's. But, hey - look at who is running Congress these days and all the wonderful, woman-centered legislation being proposed (cough). America, the mind-boggling.

Lala said...

Amen Sistah! Even my daughter - who may, at times, on some level relate to that notion - thinks that the message emblazoned on a shirt is the height of tackiness! JCP is usually pretty conservative, compared to Hot Topic, or Wet Seal, but holy moly, where were the grownups when that shirt design got approved?!

yogurt said...

Or sold out of the trunk of some JCP employee's car.

Just when you think "they" are getting the message...

http said...

What I find saddest is that those products exist for a reason: there are myriad of empty-brained parents out there going OMG THAT'S SO CUTE LOL. Demand/supply, right?
I'm quite happy that people made a fuzz about it and had them removed from the store.