Sunday, April 15, 2012


Went to Costco today and went down an aisle I usually don't.  I saw lots of things I never realized that they carried.  The one that really stood out was sets of three reclining chairs, all attached to each other and labeled for use in your home theater.

Do people who have a home big enough for a home theater and  have the money to create a home theater actually shop for the seats at Costco?

I was so excited to see products from Maya Kaimal again - just love the Coconut Curry simmering sauce.  I am back to making dinner every night so I am on the lookout again for fast after work dinners. I picked up 2 roasted chickens hot out of the oven.

I was trying to get in and out before the mega-church next door let out and the store was swarmed by entire families headed for the samples; I was there once when it happened and I fled leaving my cart behind. So I didn't linger to see what the sign "For Hot Sleepers" was about!

The line for gas was shorter when I was leaving so I lined up for half a tank.  The price at our Costco is $3.97.  Most places around town are in the $4.29 range.

Oh, and the accident I had in the parking lot in December?  Finally got AAA insurance to take 75% liability for it.  The  take away from that battle?  Go up the management chain. 


smalltownme said...

I have seen someone who bought one unit of the theater seats.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We have a small home theater, but it's nothing fancy. Just a normal rec room that just so happens to hold our theater seats. Those seats were torn out of an old theater and were going to end up in the landfill, but some people grabbed them and put them in a local warehouse and offered them free to anyone. We bought eight and then spent an entire afternoon scraping off gum and then scrubbing every inch of the seats -- twice. Then my husband built a rolling platform with four seats in the front row and four slightly elevated in the second row. Our girls and their friends LOVE watching movies at our house.