Friday, January 25, 2013


1.)  This morning I was driving behind a vintage car and as my car filled up with the exhaust fumes being emitted from that old Chevy I was taken back to the days when most cars put out that stink.  So glad we have managed to do better with those emissions.  Looking forward to the day when we do even better. 

2.)  Went to see The Impossible last night.  (Actually we had hoped to see Hyde Park on the Hudson but that theater was showing Gone with the Wind for some reason!)  I had mild interest in seeing The Impossible because of the award nominated performances and yummy Ewan McGregor - so we went.

Tom told me that there had been some negativity about the movie because of the "happy ending" aspects of it and the fact that it focused on a Western family when there were so many Thai victims and families torn apart by the tsunami.  So I went into it with some wariness.  I came out feeling that the criticism was unwarranted.  I felt that the filmmakers made a mistake in prolonging the ending scene but that the devastation of the local, the loss of life, the tearing apart of families and the displacement so many people was well documented and featured in the film.  I felt the devastation deeply and I think the characters who had their "impossible" happy ending felt it too.

3.)  I let out a big cheer when I saw Hilary Clinton angrily speaking out to Congress in response to their inane and repetitive questions about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi.  I didn't see the clip but read that at another point she teared up.  I am so happy to have a woman who isn't afraid to show her personal involvement and feelings about these events.

Surprise, surprise some douchy GOP members and media outlets are saying she faked her emotions to avoid answering the tough questions... I'd want out of that job, too. The woman has worked herself into a nub and still gets no respect or courtesy.

4.)  I have been to a number of gatherings lately and keep hearing women talking about things their financial planners have told them.  Having never had a financial planner or even considered it - I wondered about this trend.

Do you use a financial planner and has it been helpful?


hokgardner said...

Had two meetings with a financial planner and decided to save our money by putting it in the bank rather than paying her to tell us to put it in the bank.

Hillary can't win for trying. If she hadn't shown any emotion, should would have been called heartless and unfeeling. I wouldn't blame her in the least if she bitchslapped the whole lot of them.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That movie is on my ever-growing list. I was done for two weekends with being sick, so I have to get on the ball.