Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well, it is January 3rd and  I have already failed to keep my New Year's Resolution to be a "Love Ninja".

I thought it would be difficult to maintain my love while driving to and from work.  I had a comment from Smalltown Me that she has the same issue with tourists driving in her area.  I was thinking that I need to come up with a mantra to chant while driving to keep my mind otherwise engaged while navigating in and around the other human beings on the road (see?  I wanted to call them idiots but I didn't...)

But driving has been ok.  I tapped my horn at someone who didn't notice the light had changed and they actually waved a thanks.  I gave him a thumbs up.  Very loving.

USBank, on the other hand is neither giving or getting my love and while I was not bitchy to the person who (after going through 5 menus and then being transferred twice and being on hold then having to repeat strings of numbers and personal identification) told me the error message I received when I could not upload my bills from Quicken to the bank was not their issue.  Even though the error message was quite specific about the source of the problem.

When I informed him I was at work and not on the computer with Quicken he was quite snippy. He said I need to call again when I am home in order to fix it.  I wanted to tell him how unhappy I am with my banking experience this morning and in the past few months (I won't even go into the problems they created when they changed the Health Savings Accounts.)  I wanted to tell him that I spent 15 minutes at home trying to make the bills upload and then 12 minutes at work just waiting to talk to a human.  But I didn't.  I hung up on him.

I immediately felt shame for my behavior.  So while I have broken my resolution already, I know I can do better.  Love, forgiveness and kindness in the face of unhelpful, alleged customer service - om.


smalltownme said...

Actually, hanging up on him was probably the kind thing to do, rather than giving him your well-deserved complaints.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would never make that resolution, but I am proud of myself for not really unloading on the receptionist at the lab who called my name, crossed me off the list, told me to sit back down then forgot about me. Would that she would have admitted her error instead of lying to me that the people that came after me but went in first had appointments when I was looking right at the sign-in sheet.