Thursday, March 15, 2012


Since starting up my Pinterest addiction I have learned so many things.  Apparently there are 5983 ways to braid your hair. Women who aren't getting married are planning the details of their weddings. Some women spend a lot of time polishing their nails. There are a lot of very creative and talented people out their making food and crafts.  Owls are in.

I have also learned that I should have been posing my twins when they were babies to make them look adorable, rather than frog like.

My snacks were wanting in the creativity department.

Those forts made of sofa cushions and sheets weren't quite up to snuff.

And when it came to St Patrick's Day, I may have tinted the milk green, but I didn't do this:

  Or dress the kids up:

Or make one of these:

Now that I have all the great help from Pinterest, I am going to be a rocking grandma  (far away in the future!)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm on Pinterest, but I haven't spent any real time there yet--it's not the time.

knittergran said...

I don't know. It might just be that some people have too much time!

Anonymous said...

I started Pinterest but haven't kept it up. Probably a good thing as I would never get anything done.

Nan said...

I'm avoiding Pinterest. I spend too much time online now.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I love Pinterest, but mostly to organize my thoughts. For example, I'm redoing one of my girls' bedrooms, so I started a board of ideas. We're also thinking of building a screened porch, so I have another board where I'm pinning more ideas.