Friday, March 2, 2012


1.) Hearing about the death of Davy Jones this week brought up so many memories.  I was in 6th grade when The Monkees appeared on TV in a wacky show featuring their music.  All the girls picked out their favorites and made plans to meet and marry them.  Davy was the favorite but he was too short for me.  I liked Peter because he was so funny and Mike because he was tall and smart.  Isn't weird that I can still remember that?

2.)  Robert Reich is one of my heroes.  He is so smart and sensible and always seems to cut through to the meat of an issue.  He says that we shouldn't gloat too much about the wackadoos taking over the GOP because we are still a two party system and we will still see those people elected.

Yet even if they lose the presidency on Election Day they’re still likely to be in charge of at least one house of Congress as well as several state legislators and governorships. That’s a problem for the nation.

3.)  Finally saw The Descendents, George Clooney was amazing.  Have not seen The Artist, but I think George might have been robbed of his Oscar.  Netflix just delivered two more Oscar contenders:  Beginners and Midnight in Paris. 

4.)  Did you hear about the Republican, Tea Party member. Dallas-area doctor named Jacques Roy who was recently arrested and charged with bilking Medicare and Medicaid.  Dr. Roy is being charged with bilking the evil federal government for almost $375,000,000.  Wonder if his right wing friends still think President Obama's "mad power grab and Socialization of our private health care system" is worse than one man's own mad grab for over a third of a billion taxpayer dollars?

Maybe with "bigger government" allowing for more fraud investigation we could have caught this hypocrite sooner.

5.)  I keep wanting to write about Rush Limbaugh calling women who have sex "sluts."  Everyone keeps reacting to his language and typical twisted "logic" but I keep wondering - are those women having sex alone?  Are the men they are having sex with protecting them against an unwanted pregnancy?  Where are the men in these discussions? I mean besides calling women whores for having sex with them?  Oh, and telling them they are ruining the country with their out of wedlock babies or for having abortions?  The men are saying Viagra should be covered by insurance but wanting coverage for birth control makes us protitutes. 

Moms, wives, sisters, daughters - all of us are sluts, whores, protitutes.  What does that make them?


shrink on the couch said...

I knew that *everyone* loved Davy so I switched to Peter because he seemed more accessable. Hey!!! He just now came on Rachel Maddow show. I conjured him up! He wants me!

shrink on the couch said...

I didn't think Midnight in Paris was Oscar material. Interesting but not altogether original idea.

I caught the tail end of NPR story about the Dallas doctor bilking Medicare. Did not hear he was a Tea Partier. Thanks for making my night.

Nan said...

The truly bizarre part is the way that evil pile of garbage kept going on and on about how much sex a woman must be having if she's taking a pill every day. The man is such an ignoramus he thinks oral contraceptives are like Viagra -- you only pop one when you're going to do the deed. He apparently doesn't have a clue they're a medication that is (a) prescribed for reasons other than contraception, and (b) you have to take every day, not just occasionally. We do have to thank him, though, for making it clear the whole kerfuffle over the paying for contraception wasn't about freedom of religion but was instead the same old war on women conservatives have been waging for decades.