Wednesday, March 7, 2012


An editorial from the Sunday NY Times stuck with me.  When States  Abuse Women by columnist Nickolas Kristof  draws the obvious comparison between non-consensual penetration and the new ultrasound requirements for abortions. A Texas doctor commented for the article:

 “It’s state-sanctioned abuse,” said Dr. Curtis Boyd, a Texas physician who provides abortions. “It borders on a definition of rape. Many states describe rape as putting any object into an orifice against a person’s will. Well, that’s what this is. A woman is coerced to do this, just as I’m coerced.”

“The state of Texas is waging war on women and their families,” Dr. Boyd added. “The new law is demeaning and disrespectful to the women of Texas, and insulting to the doctors and nurses who care for them.”

As women we are required throughout our lives to have our orifices probed and our breasts squeezed in the name of preventative health and child bearing.  I don't think any of us like it, some actually dread and avoid it.  And, as we  know, the majority of men can't even think about their "junk" being handled by a medical professional, much less having it be an annual event.

Which made me wonder what if anything doctors to do before prescribing Viagra? 

Researching this proved difficult.  There are so many pages of links to sites offering free samples, and cheap Viagra without prescriptions that I couldn't find any statistics or even conjecture on how many men just skip the doctor and go straight for the pills.  If they do go the legitimate way, a urologist performs a thorough exam including a digital rectal and penile anatomy exam.  My common sense tells me most men skip that part. 

Just another example of how it is still "a man's world."  It is harder and more expensive to get birth control, it is getting harder to exercise our legal right to abortion.  We still get paid less and find fewer executive spots, seats in congress and other positions of influence.   Religious  institutions are still run by men who have no interest in promoting or championing women, and, it appears, prefer to turn back the clock and make our lives even more restrictive.

I know a lot of people are counting on women to rise up and fight against all these attacks on our freedoms.  I am certainly talking to my daughters about it, my son, too.  But sometimes I feel so discouraged and beaten down.  Why is this happening still?  Again? 


knittergran said...

I sure don't know why it's happening...unless the old white guys are feeling particularly powerless, but that would be ridiculous since they still run EVERYTHING.
I don't get the hostility against women. I saw a suggestion for bumper stickers: Personhood for women.
Says it all.

knittergran said...

And good grief-is that an actual campaign poster for Republicans?

mkosboth said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Although I will say my husband dreads his yearly prostate exam as much as any woman might dread her annual exam.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Maybe this is just to wake us up, so we make the final leap. We need a fourth-wave and our daughters better step up.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

And our sons.

Tricia said...

Good post and a very valid point. Do others have the right to violate my person because I am a woman?
I worry that so much of this is sold to the religious right as part of their religion.

shrink on the couch said...

Because no rights are too sacred to consider trampling on when you're paid big bucks to keep Republicans in power?