Monday, March 26, 2012


I told my new employer that since I go to work in the late afternoon during my notice period, I could come in for a few hours a day to get started.  Today was my first day. 

The good news is that I have my own office space, though the office machines and time clock are there for everyone to use.  Most of the employees and the owner are in and out all day so I will be on my own most of the time and can do things with a lot of autotomy.

The bad news is that the woman who had been running the office for many years was not organized or very clean.  There are file folders all over the place with no rhyme or reason.  When I found a W-4 to fill out it was from 2003. She password protected the computer programs and didn't leave a list of the passwords.  There are little scrawled notes about all kinds of things and I am hard pressed to know what is important and what is trash.  It is going to take a long while to get it straightened out.

I spent much of the 4 hours there today just cleaning the surfaces of everything, cleaning out the pack rat's desk and sorting  piles of papers.  Tomorrow I will start looking for files to put them in and try to make some sense of things.  The owner plans to move the furniture around to a better configuration and to paint for me. A nice fresh beginning!

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Nan said...

Any luck yet on getting those passwords?