Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am happy to announce that I have done the first run at our taxes, which allowed me to do the first run at the FAFSA's (one for each college kid) which allowed me to fill out 2 more sets of financial aid packets for Penn. I can't complain too much about Penn double and triple checking since they have been generous with grant money. But telling them we have no family trust fund or real estate assets or stock portfolio year after year makes me feel like such a loser. On the other hand, Zac's school thinks we are rich and doesn't even offer him a work study job.

I am half blind and getting sciatica from sitting at the computer...but it is almost done and next year I will only have 1 FAFSA to do for Zac since he will not be able to graduate in 4 years.

Then the year after that I expect I'll get back to 2 sets since Maggie will probably go to grad school and Zac will be working on his credential program and then - ta da - Ally will be an entering freshman and I will quite possibly have to do 3 sets of financial aid forms.

It will all be worth it when they have great jobs and put me in a very comfortable retirement home. Right?

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Lisa said...

MathMan just did the taxes and FAFSA, too. Fun stuff. Times three? Ick. Thank goodness MathMan is handling it.

Regarding future dependency on your children, may I recommend a scheme that MathMan came up with a couple of yeas ago? He calls it Reparations.