Monday, February 16, 2009

This is the view I contemplated for the last 4 days as I was lazing around in Palm Desert. I finally went down to spend some time with my parents who have retired to this amazingly beautiful community.

It was cooler than normal for February, but the sun was warm and I enjoyed sitting on the patio with a book in between my outings with the folks. I also took advantage of the gyms and took note of the pools and restaurants for future visits.

My mom and I spent some time shopping and I visited a couple of art galleries. We had an enjoyable lunch outdoors on the patio at Augusta Restaurant - including harp music!

The whole area has exploded since I occasionally took a weekend trip to Palm Springs when I was in college in San Diego. The resort communities run for blocks, each surrounded by shopping and services. My mom and I took a trip to the shopping center in the golf cart - not a bad way to make a little jaunt to the store!

I came home to a rainy weekend - not that I am complaining since we really need the rain in Northern California.

Now to work in my new job!


Lisa said...

That looks like a beautiful place! I can imagine how nice it was to just kick back and relax there.

And your mom looks very happy!

Walker said...

An update finally!