Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is a fabulously beautiful spring day in San Francisco. We got up early and took the first BART train into the city for the first of the 2010 Sunday Streets programs. This great City program closes different streets around the city to cars and opens them up to bikes and pedestrian traffic, street fairs and activities. Today it was the Embarcadero from Fisherman's Wharf down past the AT&T Ballpark - a bit more than 3 miles of the waterfront.

The only glitch to the day happened when we got to the Embarcadero BART station and found that the elevator was not working. Tom explained how to take the bike on the escalator. I figured it couldn't be any more difficult than the huge double stroller I used to wrangle around with the twins and told him I would follow behind him.

Well, I rolled the bike on, squeezed the brake as he instructed and the bike reared up and knocked me backward! I went down on my back, and found myself looking into the rather startled face the the man who had entered the escalator behind me. He reached down to help me up - but I said I thought it best to just wait until we got to the top as my bike seemed to be riding along just fine beside me. So I rode the escalator to the top, on my back, feet first all the way up to the station.

The nice man helped me up, Tom grabbed my bike, I scooped up all my stuff that had tumbled out of my basket and rolled down the steps. Tom was so upset, because he thought I was hurt and it did bang up the bike a bit. But I just can't stop laughing about it.

We went to a different station on the way back. The elevator was working. Darn.


smalltownmom said...

I'm glad you're OK. It looks like a gorgeous day!

michiganme said...

Jeesh, what a shock that must have been! My bike has done that when I've squeezed one of the hand brakes instead of both. Glad it didn't wreck the rest of your day.

I love those pictures - what a beautiful day out there.

Walker said...

Hah what a tone to set! I'm glad you guys had a great day and I'm excited to see you soon. (and you're looking svelte, Madre).

jenn said...

Glad you're OK! It sounds like you carried it off with great panache. :)