Friday, March 26, 2010


1.) I have such bad Spring Fever that I have doubled up on my lottery ticket purchases to increase my chances of winning and never having to work again. Why is it that I am getting calls for jobs now that the weather is so nice? Don't I sound like a spoiled teenager?

2.) I am really close to ignoring the news from now on. I just get so upset and discouraged by our government, the crazy right winger/tea bagger people and the party leaders who will not admit that they are crazy AND the media that focuses on such stupid, gossipy non -of-our-business crap and ignores the really important things.

I could go on and on but listening to Sarah Palin saying that the "mainstream media" was making up the brick throwing, spitting and verbal attacks on public officials , this after she posted names of congress people with rifle cross-hairs next to them and the slogan "Don't retreat - reload" was just too much for me. Why doesn't anyone stand up and call her out as the smarmy liar that she is???? John McCain deserves to lose his seat for getting involved with her again.

3.) Ally and I survived the long haul of shopping for a Junior Prom dress. We found something she loves that is both affordable and not too flesh baring. In fact, since her boyfriend is a Senior, we found another dress, on sale for half price which fit her perfectly and was a more mature, Senior Ball look, so we bought that too. We were really pleased with ourselves. We stopped in to have a salad and iced tea ( the Prom dress is snug and requires a few pounds be trimmed from the waistline...) and chatted about things including our upcoming trip to Philly for Maggie's graduation.

Suddenly it dawned on Ally - is the Senior Ball the same day we are going to Philadelphia? A call to a friend affirmed - yes. SAME DAY. Non-exchangeable, non-refundable tickets for the trip. Dress not returnable. Dad unmovable about letting her stay home anyway. Her boyfriend really unhappy, Ally really unhappy. Sigh.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh, no. This is not good, but I think I'd have to vote with dad on this one.

There's no way to fly home in time for the prom?