Monday, March 8, 2010


A group of people met at the gym on Saturday morning and then drove over to the Pleasanton Ridge for a hike. The trail has had a few days to dry out and there was no rain forecast for the day.

The Iron Horse trail was full of families out on their bikes, not just the hard core bike people who ride all year long.

The rain has turned the hills green - they look so lush and will stay this way until June when they will start to turn brown and then golden colored. The green against the blue sky is always so breathtaking.

The poppies are starting to bloom along the roadsides and up in the hills. They are our state flower and it is illegal to pick the wild growing poppies. They turn up in all sorts of places, but I especially like seeing their golden yellow color along the roads.

And this was the cap worn by one of their dads attending a regional soccer tournament we attended. Being exposed to parents like this is my reminder of why generation after generation, some of our children never really grow up to be fully functioning adults in our society.
Role models, people. Role models are important.


jenn said...

That picture of the green hills is like balm for my soul!

As for the hat ... oy. Way to be a role model, eh?

Nan said...

You know what they say. Growing old happens to everyone. Growing up is optional.

michiganme said...

Loved your pictures of GREEN, something that I haven't seen for awhile in Michigan.

Not so much the hat---takes the fun out of saying it under my breath.